Seamus' First Disney Trip

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Seamus on planeSo today on my other computer at work some of the pictures of Seamus meeting his first characters during our Disneyland trip in November 2005. We were still living back in Rochester, NY at the time but knew we would be moving out to AZ in a few weeks (for me) and a few months (for Kelly and Seamus).

We took direct flight from Buffalo to Phoenix on SouthWest. Here is Seamus in his seat on the plane. We spent a night or two in Surprise visiting our friends who I was coming out to work for in a few weeks. Then we drove to Disneyland for a couple nights at Paradise Pier Hotel. We had rented our DVC points to a friend and used some of the money for the stay on property. I found a good deal as we got closer to the trip that made us make the move to on property instead of off property location.

The night we got there, after we checked in we went to the pool deck of the hotel and watched the 50th celebration fireworks. The next morning we did a character breakfast at one of the restaurants of the Paradise Pier Hotel. At that breakfast Seamus met his first characters. The first of which was Stitch, who showed up after he was getting fussy, so he was crying BEFORE the picture below.

 100_1018  I am pretty sure that he only did two rides that trip. The first was at DCA where he did the carousel that they have, and the next day he did "It's a Small World", which since we went in November was under its Holiday overlay so it was more tolerable as the holiday songs were mixed in with the usual music.

Below is a gallery of selected pictures from that trip.

/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0982.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0992.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0993.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0994.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1001.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1011.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1013.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1016.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1017.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1018.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1021.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1022.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1025.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1030.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1031.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1034.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1038.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1040.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1049.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1078.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1081.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1082.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1086.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1087.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1088.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1101.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1108.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1109.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1122.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1138.JPG  


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Smart car at fresh and easy

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Smart car at fresh and easy
Originally uploaded by MikeScott8
The store has special spots for both adults with children and hybrid cars. This smart car was parked out in normal spot
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ONE of the reasons I don't miss Rochester, NY

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a picture says a thousand words so I will let them speak for themselves.

Ice Covered Cars Downed Tree Branches Iced Cars Ice car close up

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Donating All Star light fixture

A while ago, I won an auction for two All Star light fixtures. I think I will only be able to find a good place for one of them, so when I saw a post on DisneyWorldTrivia.com forums about donations for their auction at Magic Meets, I contacted them asking about donating one of the lights for the auction.

Anyway this post is post some pictures of it for them to review. so here they are. Click each one for bigger version of the picture.

Light Stored Front of Light Back of light

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Fw: Test email to Flickr to Blog

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Sick Kids

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Well today is first day in the past few weeks that both kids are at daycare, and we are hoping it stays that way for a while. Both of us have had issues with taking so much time off for the kids being sick. It is really hard being so far from family who we could use to watch them once in a while when they are sick so we wouldnt have to do it all ourselves. But we made the move and have to live with it, in general it was a lot more positive a move than the few megatives that come with it. The job is great, I think Kelly likes her job more than her old one, even though she complains about coworkers and the job at times, it is a lot more interesting work for her. She is taking initives and learning much and it is paying off for her. The Arizona scenery is great it is a wonderful state, we have the BIG city stuff, with plenty to do, and then we have the mountains and small towns like Jerome, Prescott and Sedona. We still have much of the state to see, as we have not really gone all the way up to Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon yet, or even down south to or past Tuscon.

This morning I got to work and got call from Best Buy telling me when they were going to come to replace the parts on our TV in the bedroom that died after less than 3 months. I had forgotten about that being today and scheduled a lunch meeting with another company to discuss thier product and how we can use it in our application design, as the basic models shown in thier samples are basic and dont show more tiered development layers. Luckily he was coming at a time I could be there for, and get back in time to go to the lunch as well.

Kelly is at some some seminar thing all day so hoepfully the daycare doesnt call during lunch or we will be srcewed trying to pick them up in the time they allow. The other people listed with the daycare allowed to pick them up will be with me at the lunch.

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Great Disneyland Castle picture

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Originally uploaded by dazzlingdz
This morning as I was running through my feeds in FeedDemon (which is great FREE newsreader application) this picture caught my eye in one of my Flickr feeds. I liked it so much I HAD to pass it along.

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