Characters on Autopia

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Driving Characters 2
Originally uploaded by MikeScott8
Here is a picture of Goofy, Pluto and Brer Fox getting in line to ride on the Autopia at Disneyland

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See your message on the Disneyland Sign

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Cool little web page that lets you enter your text to see it on the Disneyland sign.

Add Letters » Disneyland Sign Generator

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Disneyland Brick

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On my old site I had links to the stuff about our brick we have at Disneyland. I need to share them again so this post will do that.

BrickCert BrickLocation


and my son around 6 months at it


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My Mouse Guest Experience Sponsorship

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mge-webbadge A few minutes ago I got an email from Eric saying that they had updated the page with my Disney Podcast Directory graphic.

That's right! The Disney Podcast Directory is helping to sponsor the Mouse Guest experience this year. Although our Walt Disney World trip this year is in September, so we won't be attending the event this year, possibly next year if it is scheduled around my birthday (Oct 30th) again.

Please go over to the Mouse Guest Experience page over at the Mouse Guest web site for more information.

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Seamus' First Disney Trip

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Seamus on planeSo today on my other computer at work some of the pictures of Seamus meeting his first characters during our Disneyland trip in November 2005. We were still living back in Rochester, NY at the time but knew we would be moving out to AZ in a few weeks (for me) and a few months (for Kelly and Seamus).

We took direct flight from Buffalo to Phoenix on SouthWest. Here is Seamus in his seat on the plane. We spent a night or two in Surprise visiting our friends who I was coming out to work for in a few weeks. Then we drove to Disneyland for a couple nights at Paradise Pier Hotel. We had rented our DVC points to a friend and used some of the money for the stay on property. I found a good deal as we got closer to the trip that made us make the move to on property instead of off property location.

The night we got there, after we checked in we went to the pool deck of the hotel and watched the 50th celebration fireworks. The next morning we did a character breakfast at one of the restaurants of the Paradise Pier Hotel. At that breakfast Seamus met his first characters. The first of which was Stitch, who showed up after he was getting fussy, so he was crying BEFORE the picture below.

 100_1018  I am pretty sure that he only did two rides that trip. The first was at DCA where he did the carousel that they have, and the next day he did "It's a Small World", which since we went in November was under its Holiday overlay so it was more tolerable as the holiday songs were mixed in with the usual music.

Below is a gallery of selected pictures from that trip.

/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0982.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0992.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0993.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0994.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1001.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1011.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1013.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1016.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1017.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1018.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1021.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1022.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1025.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1030.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1031.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1034.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1038.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1040.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1049.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1078.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1081.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1082.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1086.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1087.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1088.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1101.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1108.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1109.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1122.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1138.JPG  


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Donating All Star light fixture

A while ago, I won an auction for two All Star light fixtures. I think I will only be able to find a good place for one of them, so when I saw a post on forums about donations for their auction at Magic Meets, I contacted them asking about donating one of the lights for the auction.

Anyway this post is post some pictures of it for them to review. so here they are. Click each one for bigger version of the picture.

Light Stored Front of Light Back of light

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Map of rumored Night Kingdom park

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Night Kingdom location?
   Interactive Google Map of this location

On the Magical Definition podcast with Nathan Rose, his guest claims that the "night kingdom" park will be built on top of the WDW land fill which is west of the Magic Kingdom. There was some discussions this morning about mainstream media reporting on the wild rumors about the park and they saw another mention about The Adventurer's Club being relocated and being the entrance for the park. Of course the main stream press saw the club mentioned and missed the moving part and reporting it as blogs saying that the new park will be near Pleasure Island. From the map below you can see there isn't room for a park near Pleasure Island.

Map image

Some have asked about the location in relation to the western way development. The below map should clear that up. The far left pushpin is the start of Western Way. The lowest pushpin is Animal Kingdom, and the top pushpin is the Magic Kingdom.

Map image

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My first HDR photo attempt

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Disney2004 020_hdr

click photo above to view it larger

This is the one photo I liked the results of trying to make a HDR image. Of course I was using a Disney picture to try it out.

It was made back in Oct 2007. The original and modified pictures are after the jump.


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Decor/Hidden Mickey

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In the first "real" post for my new blog I will be responding to this post.

VWL Decor MickeyI saw this in my feed this morning and was shocked at the similarity of the picture to one of mine from years ago, which is posted to the left.


I never submitted it to Hidden Mickeys Guide because it is what I thought he would call a "Decor Mickey", which is a Mickey shape that is not really hidden but visible as part of the decor/design of a location. The one shown here to the left and the linked article are VERY visible. You can see more of where they are in this  picture to the right.VWL Hallway


From the picture on the right you can see the VWL (Villa at Wilderness Lodge) hallway. This picture is one of the alcoves with rooms off it on both sides. The decor Mickeys are all down the hall.

Although these are what I would call decor Mickey the Villas do have several hidden Mickeys in them. I will post some of those below.


PIC00027 PIC00028

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My Social Networking Profiles

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Below are some of my social networking site profiles. I will add more as I have the time or sign up for more. 

DisFriends Profile

My Linked In


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