Pizza cafe shirt

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Pizza cafe shirt
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Well the shirt we got from Pizza cafe in Henrietta when we used our frequent diner card the last time we went before moving to AZ. The smallest shirt they had was 3T and since he was 8 months old when we moved it has not fit until recently. I found in the last drawer this morning and he picked it from the ones I offered him to choose from.

Well I heard from a High School friend on FaceBook that the restaurant closed about a year ago. Sad news as we liked it and were hoping of going there when in Rochester next year.


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Serious White Hot Inventory depletion

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Our white hot inventory BEFORE


Our CURRENT white hot inventory:

Picture of 3 packs of white hots in freezer


As you can see we are getting seriously low in our white hots inventory! LOL

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Arby's Chocolate Turnover

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So today I was the only one in the office at lunch time so I was going to lunch myself. I got to my car and then decided I wanted Arby's. Since it is a short distance I decided to walk to it instead of driving. As I was walking up I lamented on twitter about their new special turnover. Its a chocolate turnover with Hershey's chocolate. Since I walked I gave in (well easier than I would have if I had been lazy and drove) and got one of them for dessert.

Check out pictures and my thoughts on it after the jump


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