Seamus at New Years Party

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You can view it in HD (if you computer is fast enough) on the YouTube site here and clicking the “Watch in HD” link under the video


Seamus riding horsey

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Pizza cafe shirt

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Pizza cafe shirt
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Well the shirt we got from Pizza cafe in Henrietta when we used our frequent diner card the last time we went before moving to AZ. The smallest shirt they had was 3T and since he was 8 months old when we moved it has not fit until recently. I found in the last drawer this morning and he picked it from the ones I offered him to choose from.

Well I heard from a High School friend on FaceBook that the restaurant closed about a year ago. Sad news as we liked it and were hoping of going there when in Rochester next year.


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Seamus First Drumming Class

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Yesterday was the first of six classes for Seamus. We signed him up for “Drumline For Toddlers” with Surprise Recreation.

The class description is here on Surprise Recreation's site

I took a picture linked to on TwitPic, and a video below (and if that doesn’t play for you it’s here)



Afterwards we went to dinner and talked about the class, and he seemed to have liked it. Will have to see how he continues with it.

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Video of kids playing

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Here's a video of the kids playing

Video of kids playing
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Kids get sick at worst time

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Yesterday after work I met Kelly at the car place where I was dropping my car off for service today. After I had dropped it off and Kelly gets there she tells me that Seamus had gotten sick at school and that means he couldn't go back the next day.

He got sick in the car again on the way home, and a couple more times last night before/after he went to bed. After that  Kelly got sick a few times as well.

With a big project at work and use using a new methodology that I am training the others on I could not really afford to miss a day of work again, so Kelly is home with Seamus today.

They both seem to be doing fine, according to her, and we are planning on meeting for lunch in a little while.

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Disneyland Brick

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On my old site I had links to the stuff about our brick we have at Disneyland. I need to share them again so this post will do that.

BrickCert BrickLocation


and my son around 6 months at it


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Seamus' First Disney Trip

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Seamus on planeSo today on my other computer at work some of the pictures of Seamus meeting his first characters during our Disneyland trip in November 2005. We were still living back in Rochester, NY at the time but knew we would be moving out to AZ in a few weeks (for me) and a few months (for Kelly and Seamus).

We took direct flight from Buffalo to Phoenix on SouthWest. Here is Seamus in his seat on the plane. We spent a night or two in Surprise visiting our friends who I was coming out to work for in a few weeks. Then we drove to Disneyland for a couple nights at Paradise Pier Hotel. We had rented our DVC points to a friend and used some of the money for the stay on property. I found a good deal as we got closer to the trip that made us make the move to on property instead of off property location.

The night we got there, after we checked in we went to the pool deck of the hotel and watched the 50th celebration fireworks. The next morning we did a character breakfast at one of the restaurants of the Paradise Pier Hotel. At that breakfast Seamus met his first characters. The first of which was Stitch, who showed up after he was getting fussy, so he was crying BEFORE the picture below.

 100_1018  I am pretty sure that he only did two rides that trip. The first was at DCA where he did the carousel that they have, and the next day he did "It's a Small World", which since we went in November was under its Holiday overlay so it was more tolerable as the holiday songs were mixed in with the usual music.

Below is a gallery of selected pictures from that trip.

/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0982.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0992.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0993.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_0994.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1001.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1011.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1013.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1016.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1017.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1018.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1021.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1022.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1025.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1030.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1031.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1034.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1038.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1040.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1049.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1078.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1081.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1082.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1086.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1087.JPG  
/ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1088.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1101.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1108.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1109.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1122.JPG   /ms8/Gallery/Seamus First Disney/100_1138.JPG  


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Test post again

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Live writer test post

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This is mostly a test post to see if I setup Windows Live Writer correctly for the blog


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