Five Fingers Giveaway

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So I had heard of Five Finger shoes a while ago and know a couple people who actually have them (and love them). I like the idea of them, and even more so after a podcast on science issues had a whole show on walking barefoot and it being better for you. Obviously in AZ its tough to be barefoot outside a lot of the year and I dont like flip-flops or the like.

So anyways today onTwitter I saw a tweet about a giveaway by MyFiveFingers.com so I went and entered using the different methods (DISCLAIMER: and this post is one way to get an entry)


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Arby's Chocolate Turnover

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So today I was the only one in the office at lunch time so I was going to lunch myself. I got to my car and then decided I wanted Arby's. Since it is a short distance I decided to walk to it instead of driving. As I was walking up I lamented on twitter about their new special turnover. Its a chocolate turnover with Hershey's chocolate. Since I walked I gave in (well easier than I would have if I had been lazy and drove) and got one of them for dessert.

Check out pictures and my thoughts on it after the jump


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My Social Networking Profiles

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Below are some of my social networking site profiles. I will add more as I have the time or sign up for more. 

DisFriends Profile

My Linked In


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