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In the first "real" post for my new blog I will be responding to this post.

VWL Decor MickeyI saw this in my feed this morning and was shocked at the similarity of the picture to one of mine from years ago, which is posted to the left.


I never submitted it to Hidden Mickeys Guide because it is what I thought he would call a "Decor Mickey", which is a Mickey shape that is not really hidden but visible as part of the decor/design of a location. The one shown here to the left and the linked article are VERY visible. You can see more of where they are in this  picture to the right.VWL Hallway


From the picture on the right you can see the VWL (Villa at Wilderness Lodge) hallway. This picture is one of the alcoves with rooms off it on both sides. The decor Mickeys are all down the hall.

Although these are what I would call decor Mickey the Villas do have several hidden Mickeys in them. I will post some of those below.


PIC00027 PIC00028

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